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Join CCLT for "Spring Fever" at Frog Pond & Salamander Swamp March/April 2017

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To mate in Frog Pond & Salamander Swamp on the other side!

One of the first true signs of spring is the sound of frogs. When the frogs awaken from their winter freeze, they head to vernal pools to mate and lay their eggs. The sights and sounds of these vibrant wetlands are one of the greatest spectacles in Maine's natural world. Vernal pools are not only critical to all species of frogs, but also salamanders, turtles, insects and other animals. Come experience the burgeoning of spring with us at CCLT's Frog Pond & Salamander Swamp. We need volunteers to help the frogs and salamanders safely get across Range Road!

To learn more about vernal pools read:
Maine Audubon's Vernal Pool fact sheet

DATE: To be determined by the frogs!

Since we must wait for nature to tell us when this is going to happen, please email Leah McDonald at if you are interested in coming and provide your cell phone number for a text message. We will send a notice as we get closer to the date and on the night they are moving. The frog activity usually occurs on a March or April rainy evening when temperatures are around 45-50 degrees and the ice has melted on the pond.

What to Bring:
Children are welcome and encouraged to come, pets are not.
Boots and headlamps/flashlights/reflective gear are recommended.

Directions & Parking to Frog Pond & Salamander Swamp:

Located at the corner of Range Road and Idlewood Road in Cumberland, Maine. To avoid driving over the frogs and salamanders crossing the road to the Pond, please park either on Idlewood Road or at the Rines Forest entrance.