Accessible from Blanchard Road in Cumberland along a right-of-way on the northeast side of the Blanchard Road about 3/10 mile southeast of the intersection with Bruce Hill.  The right-of-way follows the southeastern edge of a large field before linking to the trail network on the protected property.

Date Protected

October 2010


Privately owned (CCLT easement)


45 Acres

Public Access

Trails on the property may be used for hiking, nature observation, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, and snowmobiling.

Conservation Purposes

Protects mixed forest, wildlife habitat, recreational access, and a spring fed stream within a conservation corridor linking several preserved open space areas. 

Description & History

This parcel is part of a farmstead laid out and settled by the original proprietors during Colonial Times. The Farwell family has owned it since 1850, and various family members actively farmed the land for nearly 150 years. The family generously agreed to grant an easement on most of the land to ensure that it would remain largely intact while also being made available for public low impact recreation. In lieu of “forever wild” they chose to establish a forestry management plan that would focus on creating a healthier forest while also providing enough income to minimize the financial burden on future owners.

This parcel is entirely forested and the topography is mostly flat with some rolling hills and gullies and a few small brooks. The woodland is part of a much larger, undeveloped forest block and a key link in a developing a conservation and recreation corridor across Cumberland and neighboring towns.