The trailhead is located on the southwest side of Blanchard Road within ¼ mile of Cumberland Center. There is limited parking at the pullouts immediately northwest of the guardrail. Please use caution when walking along busy Blanchard Road.

Date Protected

December 2015


Privately owned and Town of Cumberland (CCLT easement)


1 acre private, 4 acres Town of Cumberland

Public Access

The trail is open during daylight hours for non-motorized access including hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.

Conservation Purposes

This trail easement provides non-motorized public access to Rines Forest from Blanchard Road. 

Description & History

Prior to the sale of their home in 2016, Roger and Margot Milliken worked with CCLT to establish a public access trail across their stunning Cumberland property. Dubbed the “waterfall trail,” the easement provides a 40’ wide corridor linking Blanchard Road with the Rines Forest near the site of a series of small and charming waterfalls.  Previously, 216-acre Rines Forest was only accessible from a trailhead on Range Road.  The waterfall trail follows a small stream through fields and rolling hills, crosses the stream in a few places, and eventually connects to the forested town parcel.